Bota doesn’t make a sparkling as far as know, but when you find a bottle of cheap Prosecco in the back of your fridge you squeeze fresh orange juice and eat a French baguette and expensive cheese for dinner.

Hangover Skillet Ingredients:

3 eggs, spend more on the cage-free. They don’t taste better, it’s just more kind to the chickens.
Handful of fresh spinach
A bit of diced onion
Couple of mushrooms, sliced
Chicken apple sausage, sliced
Enough butter to fry the onions up until the smell cures your hangover

Brown your Sausage first, then veggies (onions, then mushrooms, then spinach to wilt), then do the eggs. Don’t shove them around the pan too much or they’ll be gritty and disgusting. Let them set a bit and caress them gently around the pan. Fold everything else in. Drink coffee spiked with Bailey’s to round out your morning.

We don’t “do” plating.

My younger son, The Puppy, ate this like he hadn’t seen food in days. We polished it off together before Darling Husband and The Biggin woke up.

Cheers, Lin

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