Quick Pressure Cooker Stew

For when you’re too tired to consider that whole chicken and rice.

Chuck roast, one that you let them substitute at Walmart pickup for the most expensive organic roast available. Clean it up and cube it.
Baby carrots, several handfuls chop them into little rounds
Small onion, diced
3 potatoes, peeled and diced up
A splash of Black Box Cab, it was on sale
S & P
Italian seasoning, just shake some in there, you’re going to taste it later.
Paprika, just a shake
Cayenne, you’ll try for one little shake and end up too spicy. You’ll survive and it will be divine.
2 cups water
2 cubes chicken bouillon

Salt and pepper your beef and brown it up in a bit of oil on sauté and remove when browned. Toss in your onions and let them soften up. Pour in a splash of your Black Box Cab to deglaze and pull the fond off the bottom of the pot. Add everything else and stir it up. TASTE the broth and see if it needs more s&p or Italian seasoning. 30 minutes on high.

Still not sponsored by Black Box Wines or Bota Box

I really need to take pictures before the Biggin and the Puppy eat.

Episode 1 -Boeuf et Bota

If somebody tells you that you can’t cook with box wine, end that toxic relationship. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Basics on the go:

Do not overcrowd the pan. Seriously, just don’t. Your mushrooms will steam and your beef will be grey.

You probably just need onions. I know, I know, I know, people are like absolutely obsessed with garlic, and it’s GREAT, just don’t forget the onions.

Red wine goes with almost anything. White wine is for headaches and burning esophageal nightmares. You CAN eat white fish with red wine and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Bota cab is excellent in bouef aux carottes.

Fresh herbs really do make a difference, kids. Start with trying to chop in celery leaves from the top of your stalks when making soup or stew.

Not-Yet-Sponsored by: Bota Box

Cheers, Lin